NaBloPoMO: 11 things to do this November

Taken by Joost, Berlin 2012

1. Take silly photographs of each other.

2. Read Moominvalley in November by Tove Jansson.

3. Go to the forest and collect leaves, chestnuts and acorns.

4. Walk along the beach and let the cold November wind sweep up your thoughts.

Zeeland, 2012

5. Create a playlist in Spotify to cheer up those dark November days.

6. Plan a holiday. (Done!)

7. Bake a cake. (Done!)

8. Take a walk through your favourite neighbourhood at night. Enjoy the quietness that darkness brings, and the coziness all the lights in the streets bring. (Done, several times already.)

9. Watch a Scandinavian Crime series. Like Borgen, Bron | Broen (The bridge), Wallander.

10. Better yet, visit Scandinavia. (I recommend Bergen, Lapland, Copenhagen.)

Bergen, Norway 2011

11. Plan lots of fun things ahead. Call friends, find out what fun things you can do in your city. Plan date nights, alone time. Go to the library, go food shopping and only buy things you've never bought before, listen to 80's music, buy tights in three different colours, get a bottle of champagne -drink it all with your love or best friends, celebrate anything and everything.


  1. Hi! I'm Barbara and I've found your blog thanks to a comment you left about Taza' s trip to Amsterdam. Nice blog! I'm planning to come to Amsterdam the next May with my family so I want to follow you blog and find some cute ideas!